Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Australia in Israel!

On the way back from the Golan Heights last weekend we decided to stop at "Gan Gagroo," a park that has only animals and plants from Australia in it. It was really cool to see all of these Australian animals, first of all because I've never been to Australia and second because we are in the middle of Israel being able to be around animals that live no where near Israel. We saw kangaroos, koalas, cassowaries, tons of beautiful bright colored birds, ostriches, lambs, swans, and many types of plants and other animals that I can't remember the names of. I really wanted to be able to see a kangaroo jump but we didn't get to. But this made sense to me because these animals are cooped up in small spaces that are not in their natural habitat, so they really see no reason to go bounding around. I'm sure in the wild the kangaroos look healthier because they are free and can go and do whatever they want but here locked up in a zoo type place they can't go and do whatever they want so they all looked rather tired and worn out. They actually looked like big rats with huge tails. The koalas were so adorable! I found out when we were there that they sleep around 23 hours everyday, so obviously they were asleep when we were at the park. Though they were sleeping they were still adorable! I really wanted to just go and hug one. :) It is sort of funny how they sleep though, they sleep sitting up stuck between 2 vertical tree branches. The koalas were definitely one of the animals that I most enjoyed seeing. Before we went to this park I had no idea what a cassowary was. I quickly found out though. They are hard to describe so I hope the picture helps. They sort of look like a dinosaur mixed with a turkey mixed with an ostrich with some blue thrown in. We thought that they liked us when we were talking to them because the kept following us when we walked around the cage but then quickly changed our minds when it hissed very loudly at us. We decided that it was time to go see another animal. The birds were some of the prettiest birds I have ever seen. The colors were so exquisite and bright! My favorite bird was this bright green one with a few other bright colors on its neck and head. I had never seen a bird that was so brightly colored! I would love to go to Australia to be able to see these animals in their natural habitats!


  1. Ok, let's go to Australia!!!! xxxxxoxoxox

  2. Hey Mate, when do we go to see the roos in the wild?

  3. yes!!!!!! :)
    soon i hope!